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One of the hardest expenses to track for a business is the photocopier. While it is an indispensable part of the business, people tend to forget about the costs associated with running a photocopier, such as the paper, the toner, and even basic maintenance. Because of this is it is not that difficult to end up with a photocopier that ends up not working, usually right when you need it most. Some businesses have decided to work with an outside vendor in order to ensure that the photocopier is always working; these managed print services help keep the business running.

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The Basics

A managed print service is an outside vendor who comes in every so often to check up on the photocopier. While the person is there the machine is inspected for any problems, fixed or repaired if possible, and then the printer's toner, inks, and paper is checked and replaced if needed. These vendors also have some sort of communication set up to be called in should a problem develop between maintenance checks. They may be paid based on the amount of work that the photocopier sees or on a more general subscription model, whichever is more efficient for the business in general.

Keeping Your Business Rolling

Managed print services work best for small businesses without a dedicated IT department and allow them to worry less about the printer and more about the business in general. However, even a larger business can benefit as this allows the company access to the benefits of a dedicated professional without having to have that person on the payroll. Also, in an era where printers have become more sophisticated and capable of more than just printing, this allows maintenance to be scheduled in order to ensure that the machine keeps working; given the sheer number of options allowed by multi-function printers and photocopiers the odd of them breaking down without regular maintenance is increased, after all.

By the same token, as more offices use some form of document management systems to eliminate paper waste by scanning their documents, it is important that the photocopier's links to the business's intranet work as well. This can require a specialist to set up the wireless network. While that can be easy to do with current printers, especially common models such as HP printers, Sharp printers, and Toshiba printers, it can be harder to synchronize them with audiovisual products, such as taking a visual presentation and making into a printed handbook or transcribing and then printing the owner's speeches. Managed print services can handle these issues.

Your Business Is Only as Good as Its Technology

Not all businesses can afford to have someone on staff that can maintain and connect their photocopier. By having access to someone who can come in and fix the problem the business can save money on the payroll as well as limit the times when that all-important piece of technology is down. A managed print service can do all of this for the business, allowing it to worry less about the machines and more about the profits.